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  • Wood-burning stove

    talaakso posted a photo:

    Wood-burning stove

    Wood-burning stove

  • pot belly stove

    Lynn Kelley Author posted a photo:

    pot belly stove

  • Wood Burning Stove Light Painting

    zenman3 posted a photo:

    Wood Burning Stove Light Painting

    This is my very first attempt at light painting. Very rudimentary try but I enjoyed the process and will hopefully improve on my technique and ideas for subject matter.

  • Wood Burning Stove

    Graham'M posted a photo:

    Wood Burning Stove

    Competition on Flick Bar

  • I See Dead People

    hbmike2000 posted a photo:

    I See Dead People

    The fully functioning kitchen of the Rio Grande Castle Peak Dining Car with wood burning stove is located just passed the dining room. As I rounded the corner of the hall that ran along the side of the dining car, I saw a Ghost moving around the pass through window on the other side of the kitchen and snapped this shot of him! Then he demanded I cook him lunch. He was very picky and if he sent his lunch back one more time, I was calling Ghostbusters! Why couldn't I find the ghost of the Cook instead.

    View with your Ghost friends

    Cliche Saturday HCS


    Built by American Car and Foundry for The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad in 1927, the "Castle Peak" was one of four cars built concurrently, named for famous "Peaks" along the route of the D&RGW. The others were "Pikes Peak" (now preserved at the Forney Museum in Denver), Sopris Peak, and Twin Peak.

    The car was air conditioned in the 1930's with an ice system, and modernized with gasketed windows to seal the interior.

    The car was used on such trains as the "Royal Gorge", "The Exposition Flyer", and several others until the advent of the streamlined "California Zephyr" in 1941. After that the car was assigned mainly to "The Prospector" until it was retired out of service in 1969.

    The Castle Peak was donated to the Joshua Tree and Southern Museum in the early '70s and trucked to it's resting place from the Southern Pacific railhead in Indio.

    The Car is now used as an interpretive display, giving our visitors a glimpse of what exquisite railway dining was like in the golden era of travel.

    Oh, and on occasion they have and Event called Dinner On The Diner.

  • End of the day....

    nomadicguy posted a photo:

    End of the day....

    So after an enjoyable time here's the finished product!! Sitting down in front of the fire with the coffee table I'd just made all from recycled/up-cycled/reclaimed wood drinking mate!! Life's good.... now all I need to do is try and make some more and sell them ... better than working for someone else and helping out in my own little way by stopping stuff going to the tip!!! Oh and I get to indulge my love of photography too as I document it as I go along... bonus!! Only "selfies" you'll see of me usually.

  • Rusty Dreads

    nomadicguy posted a photo:

    Rusty Dreads

  • I like to be here when I can

    Andrew 62 posted a photo:

    I like to be here when I can

    Pink Floyd - Breathe

  • It's curtains for the stove

    RPahre posted a photo:

    It's curtains for the stove

    Some ornate iron work on the wood-burning stove in the Chellberg farm, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.


  • Wood burning stove

    Snapjacs posted a photo:

    Wood burning stove

  • Chopped firewood

    Snapjacs posted a photo:

    Chopped firewood

  • Building a fire

    Snapjacs posted a photo:

    Building a fire

  • Calitxo Hotel and Restaurant, Molló, Girona

    BuzzTrips posted a photo:

    Calitxo Hotel and Restaurant, Molló, Girona


  • Burining Stove

    DancingTerrapin posted a photo:

    Burining Stove

  • Wood-burning stove "Ulefos No 91B"

    Terje Håheim (thaheim) posted a photo:

    Wood-burning stove "Ulefos No 91B"

    Nikon D90 , 18-200VR, 75mm, 1/30, f5.0, ISO 1000

    My "Misc" Set

  • Image taken from page 510 of 'Columbus, Ohio: its history, resources, and progress. With ... illustrations'

    The British Library posted a photo:

    Image taken from page 510 of 'Columbus, Ohio: its history, resources, and progress. With ... illustrations'

    Image taken from:

    Title: "Columbus, Ohio: its history, resources, and progress. With ... illustrations"
    Author: STUDER, Jacob H.
    Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 10413.g.21."
    Page: 510
    Place of Publishing: Columbus, Ohio]
    Date of Publishing: 1873
    Issuance: monographic
    Identifier: 003533020

    Note: The colours, contrast and appearance of these illustrations are unlikely to be true to life. They are derived from scanned images that have been enhanced for machine interpretation and have been altered from their originals.

    If you wish to purchase a high quality copy of the page that this image is drawn from, please order it here. Please note that you will need to enter details from the above list - such as the shelfmark, the page, the book's volume and so on - when filling out your order.

    Following this or the link above will take you to the British Library's integrated catalogue. You will be able to download a PDF of the book this image is taken from, as well as view the pages up close with the 'itemViewer'. Click on the 'related items' to search for the electronic version of this work.

    Click here to see all the illustrations in this book and click here to browse other illustrations published in books in the same year. Please click on the tags shown on the right-hand side for other ways to browse the illustrations.

  • Wood Burning Stove

    Melissa O'Donohue posted a photo:

    Wood Burning Stove


  • Orkney TV

    Jason Howse posted a photo:

    Orkney TV

  • Chloe 2

    ohange2008 posted a video:

    Chloe 2

    With no people!

  • Chloe

    ohange2008 posted a video: