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Building Regulations Document J October 2010 Update

Please note that Building Regulations Document J - Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems - is revised with effect from 1st October and brings in a recommendation that carbon monoxide alarms are fitted with all new installations.

Please feel free to download the latest version of Document J from the link on the left hand menu. We also have a huge range of CO alarms available so do please check our special offers!

Autumn is almost upon us and those of us lucky enough to have a wood burning stove will be beginning to think about stocking up with some logs for the colder nights to come! It may be that you have not used your wood burning stove for some months over the summer and there are some worthwhile checks to be done before lighting your stove for the first time.

Certainly, if you have not swept out the ash from the end of last season then it would be worth doing so now. This will give you an opportunity to check the base plate and also the back of the stove. Prolonged use can cause the metal to degrade but this can be repaired. Look for what will appear to be pinholes in the metal plates. Check also the various connections between stove and flue and it would be worthwhile also having your chimney swept if you have not done so recently.

Consider having your chimney lined and insulated. Not only will this considerably improve the safety of your wood burning stove but it will also improve the efficiency. We have recently added a new section on chimney liners and insulation, which you can find on the left hand side of this page.

One of the consolations of the nights drawing in is that we are able to light our wood burning stoves once again and enjoy that comforting crackle and glow! We hope you enjoy a warm and safe autumn and winter with your wood burning stove and/or boiler!


We have now added a FORUM to wood-burningstove.co.uk - Please sign up and participate in the discussion! Ask a question, share details of your wood burning stove with us, it's up to you!

We regret that we have had to disable the comment feature but do please feel free to ask questions via the forum...or just email us for advice!

Wood Burning Stove Installation - Update

Many people would love to have a wood burning stove but do not have any real idea about how to install one. Unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, the very best advice is, of course, to have your stove professionally installed. Remember, if you are putting in a central heating stove, ie a boiler stove, then you will also need a CORGI registered heating engineer to plumb it in for you.

You should also be aware that most installations will be subject to Building Regulations and, consequently, will be notifiable to your Local Authority. An inspection will be required and certification that the work has been approved.

So, where do you begin?

We would strongly recommend having your stove installed by a Registered HETAS Stove Installer. HETAS is the official body recognised by government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. HETAS also operates a registration scheme for heating engineers with special skills in the installation and maintenance of solid fuel heating systems.

Using a Registered HETAS Engineer will, therefore, have two significant advantages. Firstly, he will know what he is doing and be able to advise you accordingly. Secondly, and most importantly, he will be able to self-certificate his work so you do not need to notify Building Control. This is because his work will be deemed to satisfy the relevant Building Regulations.

We have included a link to HETAS on the left menu of this page. We have also included a link to the HETAS Find an Installer tool. We hope you find them useful.

We would also suggest that you download the 2002 edition of Approved Document J of the Building Regulations. It is available for download in pdf format (4.56mb) and we have included a link to this as well. It is certainly worth familiarizing yourself with if you are serious about installing a wood burning stove and essential reading if you are proposing to undertake the installation yourself!

We hope you find this short guide useful but if you require any further advice please either email us or use the ‘Ask us a Question’ feature at the bottom of this page.

Wood burning stoves are a very efficient way of heating your home, creating a cosy feel and giving an attractive focal point to any room. Some woodburners are also effective boilers too, providing hot water and heating for your whole house. Not only that but they are considerably cheaper to run, and even more so with the recent rises in household gas and electricity prices!

A good quality wood burning stove will give a heating output of at least 4.5kW to your room, which is more than enough to keep you warm on those long, dark winter nights. A good quality wood burning boiler will also give an output of 24kW to water heating and this will run up to 19 radiators in an average installation.

Compare the cost of heating your home with gas or electricity to the cost of wood and you will see immediately that a wood burning stove is perhaps the most efficient way of heating your home available. No wonder so many people are switching to a wood burning stove!

We have brought together a simply massive selection of wood burning stoves and boilers from all of the main manufacturers in searchable listings all available for sale on eBay today. Please feel free to browse our range of woodburners, multifuel and solid fuel stoves but if you cannot see the exact stove that you are looking for, please use the ‘search’ field above. Our listings are also regularly updated too so do please check back from time to time.

STOP PRESS! We have now added listings of clearance wood burning stoves. All of these wood burning stoves must go and massive discounts are available!

Please note that most wood burning stoves will also burn coal and other solid fuel but we have arranged our listings to include a selection of specialist mulitfuel and solid fuel stoves to ensure that you have with the biggest possible selection to choose from.

We wish you the very best of luck in locating your wood burning stove via this site. We would always recommend having your stove professionally installed and if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of your fireplace then do seek advice from the experts.

Finally, do have a look at the video below and imagine the same roaring fire in a wood burning stove in your home!

Good luck from the team at Wood Burning Stoves UK!

ARCKSTONE Thermo Stove wood-burning water Caminetti Montegrappa Country LHW10 XW
ARCKSTONE Thermo Stove wood-burning water Caminetti Montegrappa Country LHW10 XW
ARCKSTONE Heating stove wood-burning water Caminetti Montegrappa Ring LHW12 XW
ARCKSTONE Heating stove wood-burning water Caminetti Montegrappa Ring LHW12 XW
ARCKSTONE Heating stove wood-burning water Caminetti Montegrappa Ring LHW10 XW
ARCKSTONE Heating stove wood-burning water Caminetti Montegrappa Ring LHW10 XW
ARCKSTONE Thermo Stove wood-burning water Caminetti Montegrappa Ring LHW8 XW 8
ARCKSTONE Thermo Stove wood-burning water Caminetti Montegrappa Ring LHW8 XW 8
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